Thursday, December 6, 2018

Festive Peplum

Months and months later, the Mamma Can Do It Peplum is still one of my go-to patterns!

This week I needed a festive outfit for "Tinsel and Formals" dress up day at work.  I wanted something that was comfortable to go to meetings with people who weren't "in" on the dress up day but fancy enough for our Mocktail hour.

I grabbed the last of my Surge designer-ends blue stretch velvet leftover from another project and whipped up a velvet peplum for the occasion!

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Since the MCDI Adalynn (blog post) and Sunflower Tank (blog post) are my other go-tos when I have an extra yard and an extra hour, I've gotten really fast at bindings.  I can do this neck binding in nothing flat!  I can also whip up a Baby Adalynn (blog post) for a baby shower the night before! Ask me how I know!

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