Thursday, November 29, 2018

Festive Adalynn

What a busy time of year!  During the holidays I have less sewing time than ever but I always want a new outfit for each event.   So you know Mamma Can Do It Adalynn is my go-to for a quick sew that is perfect for all occasions!  

I made this one on a work night!  The double brushed poly has poinsettia flowers that made me think of this time of year.  Bring on the mulled wine! 

I love whipping up an Adalynn - here's my last one I made with my October Threads of the month (blog post)

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Since the MCDI Peplum (blog post) and Sunflower Tank (blog post) are my other go-tos when I have an extra yard and an extra hour, I've gotten really fast at bindings.  I can do this neck binding in nothing flat!  I can also whip up a Baby Adalynn (blog post) for a baby shower the night before! Ask me how I know!

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