Friday, November 23, 2018

Family PJs

My husband has a December birthday - at some point in our history I started buying us matching PJs for his birthday.  I thought he would be annoyed and it would be funny and that would be the end of it.  But he loved it.  So it's our tradition now.

I of course found a way to work sewing into that and I have been making us pajamas ever since.

I'm really pleased with this year's. It might be our most matchy year yet!  And most comfortable.

I used the Desmond and Molly PJ patterns from 5oo4.

I made them completely out of knit fabric. I used cotton interlock (JoAnn Doodles) for the body and solid Cotton Lycra from Elevated Fashion Fabrics for the bands, since the Doodles don't have enough recovery.

We have been playing in these all day - we even cleaned out the garage in these.  They're warm but stretchy but they breathe.

I love the FBA pattern piece for mine so that I get the perfect fit and none of that excess fabric under my armpits that I have to adjust all day.

I also used the yoga waistband option on mine - I find that more comfortable.  Husband wanted the traditional elastic on his, but luckily both are included in the pattern.

Since there are shorts/tank top/short sleeve options in the pattern too, we could totally have matching summer jammies too.   There's also a matching kid's pattern if you need a whole family set.

I really love 5oo4 Patterns.  The FBA is often it's own pattern piece, making it super quick to make a custom fitting garmet.  Most of the patterns have a maternity or nursing option built right in too.  The size range is very inclusive and the assembly/tutorial is well thought.  They really focus on a great fit and clean drafting, which I appreciate.

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