Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Autumn Sweater

What's more versatile than a sweater pattern that can also be a cardigan?   The Halla Autumn Sweater can do that!  It can be a hoodie, a cocoon cardigan, a short sleeve dolman like mine, a long sleeve with or without cuffs or even during the sewalong you'll see it as an off the shoulder sweater!

I made the simplest variation, a dolman sweater, short sleeve with banded arms, neck and waist.  In no time I had a new sweater to wear to work the next day and show off my pretty sweater knit fabric from So Sew English. 

I find Halla patterns to be super versatile with lots of options for different views, but my favorite aspect is the rulers on the pattern pieces that show you how to grade. It makes it much faster than comparing the size charts and deciding what sizes you're between. For example, there's a ruler right at the waist line so you can grade the waist in (or out) to exactly your measurements.

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