Sunday, October 21, 2018

Roxanne Sweater

I'm excited about this pattern because it's so different!

The Roxanne from 5oo4 is a fancy back sweater.  The pattern comes with opens for a snap back or a lace up back using grommets.

I used a purple camo sweater knit from The Fab Clique Shoppe.  This fabric is a super soft brushed sweater knit and if there's any left, it's on sale for $4/yard!

Mauve Sweater Knit

I hacked mine - I took "lace up" literally and decided to use the "lace up" pattern lines but instead of adding grommets and a drawstring back, I color-blocked in a piece of stretch lace from Elevated Fashion Fabrics.

The pattern is from 5oo4 and I've become a big fan.  The full bust adjustment is a separate pattern piece built right in. This saves me so much time!

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