Sunday, October 7, 2018

Eleanor Cardigan

It's finally Fall!

I'm all about some great cardigan patterns.  I like easy bands, no tricky binding and something that looks great without making a bunch of button holes. Simple but fancy!

I tested the Eleanor Cardigan from Five Out Of Four Patterns (5oo4) and it meets those requirements!

I used a wine colored brushed sweater knit from a Waffles and Cherries Sincerely Rylee Sweater Mystery Box.

I paired with one of my Madrid nursing dresses here made with Elevated Fashion Fabrics dbp.

Below I have it paired with a 5oo4 Nancy Raglan, cowl neck dress in Sly Fox Fabrics dbp.

Pattern Links:

5oo4 Eleanor Cardigan
5oo4 Nancy Raglan
PAB Madrid Maxi

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