Saturday, October 13, 2018

Dionne Blazer

Haven't checked out the Clueless Collection from Made for MermaidsAs If!

I tested the Dionne Blazer and it's going to be perfect for dressing up my dresses for work!

For this one I used scuba fabric from JoAnns and styled it layered over my Mamma Can Do It Sunflower Tank (Blog post). 

I really like how the scuba came out.  It shows the details of the pattern well.

I made another in heavy ponte from Sly Fox Fabrics with a matching Pirate Pencil Skirt.

This fabric has more drape (less structure) than the scuba, so it shows less detail on the facing and sits more like a cardigan.  I like that it's a blazer but feels like a cardigan and is comfortable for me to wear all day to work.

More photos:


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