Sunday, October 21, 2018

Cropped Cardigan

It's cardigan season!   Fall y'all!

This is the Clueless Cardigan from Made for Mermaids.

It's part of the Clueless Collection 

Everyone has a ton of cardigans, so let me just cut to what makes this one different:

  • The traditional fitted cut - honestly the closest to the store bought cardigans that have been my wardrobe's bread and butter for so long.  Finally I can replicate with fabric that won't fall apart after two washes.
  • The crew or v-neck option
  • The perfect fit
  • Comes in lots of lengths, etc.

Here are some other cardigans I've made and blogged about:

For this M4M Clueless Cardigan:

I used a french terry from a Sincerely Rylee sweater box for the body and some leftover double brushed poly scraps Elevated Fashion Fabrics

All Seasons - Blog Post 

(I used the majority of this DBP for the All Seasons Dolman).

I thought I was having issues with my fancy new camera and that I just couldn't figure out the focus.  Then I realized it's the fabric!  It's almost 3D and it trips out my camera!

I went with white Kam snaps for the cardigan instead of buttons.  I really like the look, they're much faster than button holes and easier to do up when my fingers are cold in the morning!

More photos: 

Sunflower Tank (blog)

I love how the cropped version of this cardigan has a band to make it fitted at the bust.  I have it styled over a sunflower tank dress from Mamma Can Do It (blog post).   


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