Sunday, October 7, 2018

Blooming Dots

When I got this gorgeous blue polka dot double brushed poly with a unique floral toss, I was overwhelmed by the possibilities of what it could be!   Sly Fox Fabrics always has such beautiful fabric.

I knew I wanted to use an accent fabric to bring out the deep mauve within the roses.

Fortunately I keep solids on hand for such a thing.  But I needed a pattern that has pieces that can pop.

Since the weather was starting to change, Nancy Raglan was on my mind.  The cowl is so cozy for fall.   This is one of my old favorites in a heavy french terry.

I realized I could do the inside of the cowl in the contrasting fabric to make it pop!

It turned out even better than I thought.

I wanted even more pop so I added the flounce sleeves  that have become my go to, but I also lined the flounce to work in more of the contrasting fabric.

This dress also pairs well with the new Eleanor Cardigan from 5oo4!

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