Sunday, August 19, 2018

Willow Dress

As part of my experiment on faux wrap dresses, I tried out the Willow from Love Notions.

What makes it special:
  • Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) built in as it's own pattern piece
  • Pleated or flat bodice options on their own pattern pieces
  • Maternity skirt option has it's own pattern piece
This means no adjustments, just print and go!

My version uses the regular skirt, FBA pleated bodice.

I used mini-dots Oatmeal on Burgandy double brushed poly from Knitpop.

I originally intended to wear this with the Hey Babie Cami I made for the Be Captivating but I ended up preferring it without.

The crossover is low enough for nursing access, but plenty of coverage for modest work-wear.

The Love Notion's Willow is one in a series of dresses with this kind of neckline that I'm exploring and blogging about right now.  Links to my other posts below!

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Be Captivating

Pattern Stats - 
Maternity possible:  There is actually a maternity skirt pattern piece!

Nursing possible:  Pull down access is easy. You can also wear it with a cami for pull up/pull down access in the Hey Babie style. 

Hey Babie Blog Post
My collection of nursing friendly makes

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