Wednesday, August 1, 2018


How comfortable these pants are speaks for themselves!

They're the new joggers at New Horizons

Not only are they super flattering and comfy, they go together so quickly.

I didn't need anything but my serger which makes it so fast.

I'm also excited to wear Joann's doodle fabric too.  Such cute designs. Normally they don't do well for adult clothes, but as long as you use fabric with good recovery for the bands (I like the solid cotton lycras from Elevated Fashion Fabrics), they work great!

Rainbow doughnuts, seriously!

There's options for pockets and draw strings too.  Keep going for tips on the eyelets.

I also made a pair from brushed sweater knit.  These are basically the silk sheets of joggers.  

Brushed sweater knit is from Surge Fabric Shop with EFF Cotton Lycra for the bands.

I also did a velour pair.  As soon as fire season is over, this deck will be covered in snow and I'll be living in these.

Velour is from Elevated Fashion Fabrics, bands is a spandex blend from Hobby Lobby.

Pattern link:  Carita Joggers  also available in kid's sizes.

Here's some tips - 

I found it super helpful to use masking tape to line up the pockets if sewing from the top (such as using a coverstitch to attach.)

 But the flat locking looks really good too and then you can sew from the back!

Here's the process of adding eyelets:

And more photos:

This might be the best bokeh effect I've ever managed!  I used my Nikon D3400 with my 70-300mm lens.

Pattern Stats -

Maternity possible:  I would leave the rise alone and increase the width of the waist band by 6" (for a 3" height difference).

Nursing possible: N/A 

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