Friday, August 17, 2018

All Seasons Dolman

Boy, do I look forward to Friday!

My weeks are so long!  I look forward to casual Friday and I look forward to it even more when I have a new outfit to wear!

I sewed up the All Seasons Dolman from Annelaine patterns last night in celebration of Friday!

The whole project, including printing is like a half hour!

How is it so quick?

The paper pattern pieces are no overlap. Just put them next to each other and tape.  I've heard people worry that their printer leaves a margin, but Annelaine makes sure nothing important is on the overlap.

The dolman design means there's no sleeves to attach for the short sleeve.  This pattern also has a self-binding neckline.  So the whole thing is two fabric cuts, four quick seams all sewn at the same time and then quick hemming and you're done!

I used soft, feminine double brushed poly from Elevated Fashion Fabrics.  I paired with a pencil skirt made from Knitpop ponte.

I loved this outfit so much, I needed another for Monday.  This pattern is super efficient with fabric so I was able to use the little bit of this Plum Magnoilas DBP from Sly Fox Fabrics I had leftover from my Be Captivating/breezy mashup to whip up another top to go with this skirt.

But wait, it gets better!

What happens though when you're too lazy even for a half hour sew but what a new top?  Leave it unhemmed!

This is a lightweight sweaterknit from Sincerely Rylee (her boxes are such a deal!).  Completely unhemmed.  It's so cute for our cool mountain mornings!


Pattern Stats -

Maternity possible:  Pattern offers a fitted and a relaxed fit option.  The relaxed fit will go a long way!  Then just lengthen and ruche the front.  

Nursing possible: Pull down - be sure to choose a fabric with good recovery since there's no neckband!

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