Friday, July 6, 2018

Women's Cascade Tee

I had so much fun with these flounces!  Who knew they were so easy to make!

I got to test the Women's Cascade tee from New Horizons and it's so cute! The only kind of sleeveless I'll wear!

I used solid purple double brushed poly from Knitpop.  It has excellent drape for the flounces!

Even without the flounce option, it's got great shape.  I used it to play around with a stretch lace overlay using solid black double brushed poly and stretch lace from Elevated Fashion Fabric.

Pattern Stats - 
Maternity possible:  You could totally wear the normal option (shown in this post) with stretchy fabric and no mod needed. The bottom of the shirt is not fitted.  It would also be really easy to lengthen and ruche the front.

Nursing possible: Not really.  Pull down access only. 

Pattern link:  Cascade tee

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