Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Name Brand Nursing Hack

Nursing clothes are convenient but expensive!

This one particular "Latched Mama" top keeps coming up as a Facebook Sponsored add on my newsfeed.  It's almost $40 and I just keep thinking, "I could make that so easy!"

So when I got a chance to test the new Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Madrid Maxi and more, I realized I will barely even need to go off script to hack this.

Here's mine:

Step by step:

Step 1: Get the PAB Pattern Shop Madrid

Step 2:  Print the pattern as normal

Step 3: Cut your pieces. You'll need two empire length A line peplum skirts, one (or two) empire waist back bodice (scoop or high, your choice), one empire waist front bodice (cut the nursing access) and one natural waist front bodice.

Step 4: Assembly

Assembly is basically the same as the tutorial in the pattern, just using the natural waist bodice for the front instead of the empire one with the chest band

  • Do the front bodice nursing access.  You can do it per the pattern with the access in the middle, or whatever is most comfortable for you. 
  • (Skip if unlined) If lined, sew the back bodice to nursing front lining and other back bodice to the natural waist front bodice at the shoulders.  Sew the neckline per the pattern
  • Sew the back bodice(s) to the back skirt
  • Sew the front nursing bodice to the front skirt (if you did lined, be sure to lift the front bodice out of the way and only sew to the nursing bodice)
  • If you didn't line, now sew all three layers at the shoulders.
  • Add sleeves, sew up side seams, do bindings if you need them and hem what you'd like
So easy!

I didn't hem anything because I liked the look.

I used a lightweight sweaterknit from a summer mystery box by Sincerely Rylee.

The pattern is fantastically versatile itself without any hacking.  Check out the others I made in my Madrid post.

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