Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dodger Fan Baby Shower!

I made a mini capsule for someone very special at work who is having a baby girl this Spring (training).  He's a huge Dodgers fan and everyone knows it!

I packaged his gift with a card that read:

Daddies and Daughters share a special bond.
Make that bond even more special by sharing your love of the game!

Welcome Baby (name)!
Wear this while you watch the game with Daddy!

and he opens the first present...

I definitely got the laugh I expected!  (For those who don't do California baseball, these are the colors of the LA Dodgers's rival, the San Francisco Giants)

I used the Baby Snuggle Top from Petite Stitchery  to make this cute little 6 mo jersey!  It was a hoot.

For his real present I made the baby some Dodgers wear!

I did some baseball research (asked a guy at work) and he tells me that my coworker shares a last name with a famous Dodger player. So I used Manny Ramirez's name and number for the back of the Baby Snuggle Top jersey 

And because I couldn't resist making baby girl a dress, the Baby Adalynn from Mamma Can Do It!  

All of the baseball outfits are made using cotton spandex solids from Elevated Fashion Fabric.

The Adalynn is JoAnn's Doodles with cotton spandex for the bands and bottoms.

I used my Cricut to cut the Heat Transfer Vinyl for the baseball outfits.   This whole haul took me less than one sheet of Siser Easy weed.   That includes putting vinyl size tags in each outfit!

I'd say this gift was a HOMERUN!

It was my first time working with baby clothes and I learned I have a lot to learn!

I did notice that clips help.  Especially because the whole bottom of the onesie is banded. SO many clips!  Luckily they're super cheap and I have tons.

Also, I switched to a 25mm rotary cutter. I usually use a 45mm.  I bought some replacement blades too since I have another baby shower coming up too.  Made such a difference. Look at these tiny pieces!

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