Sunday, January 28, 2018

Drama Dress

Over New Year's weekend I participated in a Sew-Along and tried a new pattern and a new designer.

I had never used a George and Ginger Pattern (but now I own a bunch!)   I felt like it was about a half level up from Patterns for Pirates or Made for Mermaids in terms of experience required.  After six months exclusively with those patterns, I felt ready to branch out.  The possibility of winning a Kindle Fire Tab was enticement too!

George and Ginger Drama Dress

I chose the keyhole neck with a full skirt and pockets - taking advantage of all the fancy options!

I used a rayon spandex knit from Girl Charlee that was only $1.95/yard.  It took just under 3 yards to make a 2x with the full skirt and pockets, so it's a $6 dress!

Here's the lesson learned though - the keyhole binding.  My fabric was so thin and slippery that even with my walking foot, my sewing machine was eating it.  I considered the tissue paper trick but got lazy and decided to throw away the binding and just flip the area around the hole, clip and top stitch with my cover stitch.

I seriously thought I was a genius and had hacked this pattern.  Uhm, no, trust pattern designers!  I was so proud of the dress and excited that I wore it to work the next day and discovered that the binding is kind of like a neckband for that hole - it keeps it from stretching out. So all day I was self conscious because I wasn't sure how much chest was showing through the keyhole. The stretch was minimal, but I knew that's not how it was supposed to look.  I'll keep wearing it to work that way, I just will probably wear a black cami underneath so I don't worry about it.

I loved it enough to go again!  This time the slim cut version of the dress without pockets.  I'd been saving this fabric for something cute for casual Friday's at work.  I meant to save it for summer but it was too cute not to wear!  The fabric is another steal from Girl Charlee. This one is actually still on sale for $3/yard. I like to order a bunch of sale fabrics from her to play with because it's $7.99 unlimited shipping.  My last box was 80lbs!  😮

The Sew Along leader suggested wondertape for the keyhole because of the trouble I had with the first dress.  I had some in my drawer from hemming my wiggle and yes, she was right!  (be sure to get the double stick one that you don't have to iron!)

This time I cut the wonder tape into pieces and basically basted the binding around the keyhole with 1/4" long pieces of 1/8" wondertape.  It worked perfect and I just coverstitched around the hole.  It was so quick!  I also cheated and because I am using a cover stitch and not a sewing machine, I didn't fold over the back - my loopers are able to secure the raw edge.  So far no negative consequences to that shortcut.

I was inspired by a sweater knit Drama Dress with a high neck I saw in the facebook group so I couldn't resist trying it with a piece from my Sincerely Rylee mystery box.   I added a Vinegar and Honey applique on the chest for embellishment.  This was my first time putting on an applique.  It's a little more involved than an iron on, like I'm used to, but once I got the curve of the neckline right, it was quick to put on.  I used my cover stitch because I was already sitting there - which means it's extra secure because of the looper in the back.  I love how it looks!  I used tiny bits of the wash away wonder tape to hold on the bottom part of the applique while I sewed the top.

My clips were actually able to reach around the neckband and secure the it while I stitched it on!  Due to the curiosity of cats, we're a pin free household.  Clips for the win!

I love all three of these dresses.  Resisting the urge to make more!

Oh and I won the fire tablet!   Which is how I now use google drive to organize my patterns and have the tutorial open on my sewing table!    I won the 7" tablet....and within two days my husband decided he wanted to read a new documentary, so he "borrowed" it.  I got myself the 8" HD and I'm really enjoying the extra inch - makes it easier to see the tutorial from where I'm standing.

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