Saturday, January 20, 2018

About Me

Welcome!  Kitty Makes It is my space to brag about the things I've made!

I'm honest about my measurements and skill level so you can see how completed projects really look.  I take short cuts. Sometimes they turn out; sometimes I wear a chunky necklace because I screwed up a neckline.

I often use affiliate links to share my favorite patterns, fabric and notions with you.  Using the link doesn't cost you extra, shows you the lowest sale price and helps fund my sewing habit!     It's all stuff I actually have/use though, not just like random ads - so you can ask me what I think and I'll tell you honestly!

9 Facts about the things I make:
  1. I have 9 indoor-only cats.  They photobomb and get cat hair on everything.
  2. I work in a fancy office and sew mostly my work wardrobe. 
  3. Jackets/cardigans usually only last one wear before I misplace them. My office is 11 floors and I've found my lost glasses, water bottles, necklaces and cardigans in meeting rooms on every floor!  I have tiles for everything important! 
  4. I have hardly any casual clothes.  My 2018 goal is to make some weekend-wear!
  5. My husband also enjoys his homemade wardrobe but hates fit tests and taking measurements
  6. I work long hours with a ridiculous commute on each end, so I only get to making on weekends.
  7. I'm not in my 20s anymore.  I'm still working on accepting that.
  8. I'll never be able to pull off the trends.  I'm just not made that way. But I try anyway.
  9. I'm 99% vegan until I can find a replacement for wool dryer balls.

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